[Matthew 11:28-30]

You wake up, gulp down your coffee while speed-reading the news, and half-listen to a podcast during your rushed morning commute. You spend your workday juggling tasks before finally returning home and sinking into the couch, your brain fried and your heart pounding. If any aspects of this scene describe your typical day, you know what it’s like to rush through life. In The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, pastor and author John Mark Comer explores our cultural obsession with rushing and examines how it harms our relationships, health, sense of purpose, and spirituality. He argues that you can escape this culture of rushing by following the lifestyle of Jesus.


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Pt.1 The Problem

Date: Sept,29 & Oct 1st
Text: John 14:1-6
Speaker: Pastor Shaun Waite
Worship Leader: Travis Mendoza

Pt.2 Quiet & Solitude

Date: Oct. 6th & 8th, 15th
Text: Mark 1:35
Speaker: Elder Scott Hopkins
Worship Leader: Shane Perry

Pt.3 Sabbath

Date: Oct. 13, 15, 22
Text: Matthew 2:27
Speaker: Cole Flanigan
Worship Leader: Moana Anderson

Pt.4 Simplicity

Date: Oct. 20, 22, 29
Text: Mark 2:27
Speaker: Pastor Shaun Waite
Worship Leader: Tai Deguilmo