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Jan.14, 2024 - Jesus in Community - Cole Flanigan

Date: Jan 14, 2024
Makawao Speaker: Cole Flanigan

Vision Weekend 2024

This weekend we celebrate the ministries and happening of the church last year and cast a vision for 2024.

Glory & Praise - Josh Marburger

Date: Dec 29 & 31, 2023
Text: Luke 2:6-20
Kula Speaker: Josh Marburger
Kula Worship Leader: Travis Mendoza
Makawao Speaker: Kaipo Thomas
Makawao Worship Leader: Mokoto Houck

Intimacy with God - Kyle Powers

Date: Nov. 17, 19, 2023
Text: Matthew 1:18-25
Speaker: Kyle Powers Of Christian Athletes of Maui
Worship Leader: Makoto Houck

How To Miss A Blessing - Robb Finberg

Kula: Sept.22 & 24,2023
Text: Matthew 15:21-28
Guest Speaker: Pastor Robb Finberg
Worship Leader: Tai & Lukela
Editor: Kiana Corpuz